• Apicultural Entrepreneurship Training Intervention

    Apicultural Entrepreneurship Training Intervention is intended to train unattached adults between the ages 18 to 35 years old.  Training will consist of how to successfully establish and maintain an apiary, […]

  • EC Students Open Day Display

    These are highlights of the Early Childhood Education students open day presentations. [metaslider id=3806]  

  • Bachelor of Education

    The Bachelors Degree in Education offers specializations in Primary and Early Childhood Education.

Six Form Pathways Programme

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The Catholic College of Mandeville is a private Catholic institution of higher education. Through critical pedagogy and a holistic education, we aim to: transform lives; foster dispositions of social justice and integrity, and prepare students to influence our global society. We aim to offer rigorous and relevant programmes using 21st century teaching and learning techniques as we serve enthusiastic and dedicated students locally and internationally.