Dr. Dwayne Dyce

I am a proud graduate of the Catholic College of Mandeville (CCM).  I am making my mark in society because of the rounded educational opportunities that the college afforded me. 

Catholic College of Mandeville has shaped my love for the educational environment, including a perpetual commitment to changing the lives of students.  When I was first introduced to CCM, I got to know and loved Sister Una O’Connor.  She is the founding president of the college.  She became my mentor.  We had long talks about education, religion, culture, and the future.  During our many conversations, I tried to paint a path for myself to become better than my parents, achieving much more than what they had imagined for me.  I wanted to make a difference in the world.  Sister Una helped me create that path. 

            Catholic College offered me many benefits as a young man growing up in a low-income family.  The fees were affordable, and the staff was friendly with a caring heart for all students.  They made our lives easier with daily check-ins and various resources to help with the completion of projects.  We knew them, their likes and dislikes, their families, and birthdays.  They also knew us and our families, our needs, and limitations.  During my time at CCM, I became personal friends with many of my instructors because of their warm and caring personalities. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the education programs offered at the college.  They were well thought-out courses with deliberate focus on providing the learner with rounded educational preparation.  They extended my learning and development even beyond the basic requirements for graduation.  Due to the overwhelming instructional support, I was motivated and prepared to walk in any classroom to teach before I left CCM. 

My experience being the president of the Student Council was an additional skill-building exercise in leadership for me.  That opened my capacity to influence change among my peers and, by extension, began to create a firm leadership structure within me. 

In addition, the Catholic College of Mandeville is a noble institution with wonderful opportunities for all who want to make a difference in the lives of students, while earning a living.  I am proud to be an alumnus and even prouder to partner with the college in the Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force.