Catholic College of Mandeville (CCM), founded by the late Bishop Paul Michael Boyle, C.P. in 1992, was established to assuage the increasing demand to upgrade the teaching skills of Jamaican educators. Cognizant of the fact that many teachers, pre-trained and post, were unable to fund their education, Bishop Boyle endeavoured to ensure that the college would be accessible to everyone through the formula of affordable tuition costs plus quality training.

This formula has been a success as within the first year of 1993, eighteen (18) students occupied one classroom at the college’s previous location, Mt. St. Joseph Preparatory School for 1½ years then St. Paul of the Cross High School, for some time. For the subsequent years, CCM continued to see an increase in enrollment, additions in faculty and staff and recognition from various private and educational boards and institutions in Jamaica. Indeed, in 1995, CCM had been approved by the Catholic Church and registered with the University Council of Jamaica in 1997. The college received accreditation and re-accreditation status of two of the main programmes offered by the college: Diploma in Primary Education (2001, 2005) and the Bachelor in Education (Primary), (2005, 2010).

While the main focus, presently, has been in the field of Primary Education, among its degree offerings are electives for advanced areas in Reading, Special Education, Guidance & Counselling, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Information Technology. CCM also offers short courses in Computer Literacy and Competency in English. These courses enhance the training of prospective teachers as they prepare for the 21st century classroom. Other short course programmes include Special Education which focuses on professional studies in special education.

The Master of Education in Teaching & Learning Programme, in partnership with Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, USA, commenced July 27, 2008, saw its first graduates (nineteen) on September 26, 2010, and received accreditation from the UCJ in 2011. Currently, there are 80 students enrolled in the M.Ed. Programme which operates one weekend per month over 20 months.

The college also hosts satellite sites: May Pen and Kingston, which offer the same programme as the main campus in Manchester. Current total enrollment of CCM has now reached approximately seven hundred (700) students and approximately 80 faculty and staff (full-time and part-time). From the programmes we have offered, the college has seen a total of five (5) graduates in 1999 to 200 in 2010. As Jamaica’s fastest growing Catholic tertiary institution, we continue to make great strides in the educational sector by constructing a new campus in Williamsfield, Manchester. We also continue to offer approximately fifty (50) courses per semester for the full-time and part-time evening programmes with the anticipation of adding new and diverse courses to meet all educational demands of the Jamaican populace.

Catholic College of Mandeville is grateful for the support we have received from our inception and we continue to crave your support as we continue to provide “quality in action and in word.”