The Mission of the Catholic College of Mandeville calls for the development of the whole person.
Thus, while striving for academic and professional excellence, the student is encouraged to participate in the life of the college in a variety of ways, which will foster holistic growth and community service. The incumbent performs supervisory and managerial duties in planning,
directing, and reviewing the activities and operations within the Student Services Centre; works with the staff, faculty and stakeholders associated with the college and is responsible for developing and maintaining programmes designed to enhance student and community life.
Provides pastoral care, and financial guidance to both undergraduate and postgraduate students; the primary responsibility is to create and sustain a professional network of relationships between CCM, its students and its alumni.

  • Interact with students and provide them with administrative or personal guidance. This
  • includes communicating information to students related to professional conduct and standards and researching and resolving more difficult and complex student complaints and issues.
  • Assist in developing planning, and implementing goals and objectives for assigned
  • functional area(s) in Student Services; recommends and administers policies and procedures for service delivery.
  • Evaluate operations and processes of assigned area(s); recommends improvements and
  • modifications; prepares related reports
  • Supervise the processing of technical paperwork in functional area(s); ensuring compliance
    with applicable national laws and College rules and regulations.
  • Liaise with the Vice President and the Programme Director to set goals and objectives,
    ensure consistency with Campus student services goals, strategic plans, policies, and
    procedures and measures quality of services.
  • Liaise with the Campus Chaplin to organise general assemblies and devotional exercises.
  • Collect and analyse a variety of information and statistics relating to assigned functional
    area and summarise findings, prepare reports and make recommendations.
  • Develop and conduct training seminars or workshops for students and staff/faculty on
    functional or organisational topics.
  • Assist in developing and monitoring an operational budget and allocation of expenditures related to the Student Services Centre; prepares cost estimates and justifications for budget item recommendations.
  • Collaborates with other departments to provide and improve services to students.
  • Prepares for and participates in/on a variety of College and community committees,
    workshops, meetings, training sessions, task forces, and conferences.
  • Provides oversight and support for all CCM related club and community service activities.
  • Liaises with the Management Team to coordinate Orientation and Graduation exercises
    (undergraduate and undergraduate programmes) and the Sports Day.
  • Moderates and manages the all activities and events related to the Student Council
    (undergraduate and graduate).