Apicultural Entrepreneurship Training Intervention is intended to train unattached adults between the ages 18 to 35 years old.  Training will consist of how to successfully establish and maintain an apiary, acquire bees, hive management, swarm control, disease control and honey and wax production. Participants will be equipped with the fundamentals of starting and operating an apiculture business, developing a business plan, marketing their business and products, obtaining financing and basic accounting practices.

Project scheduled to start  April 2019  and end September  2019.

Training includes 600 contact hours, 400 hours allocated to apiculture training (theory and fieldwork), entrepreneurship training allotted 200 hours. After completion of training hours participants will be have a one-day workshop on Agri- Entrepreneurship and Life skills.

Training Modules:

  • Required bee keeping tools and equipment
  • Apiculture care and maintenance
  • Increasing honey bee brood
  • Harvesting and honey and wax production
  • Basic Entrepreneurship:
    • Basic Business Math (budgeting, inventory,  balance sheet preparation)
    • Basic English for Marketing (business plan, create flyers, business cards, negotiation)
    • Basic Computing (Word and Excel).
  • Life Skills (conflict resolution, ethics for business)

Participants must:

  • be under 30 years of age
  • reside in communities in and around Central Manchester
  • unaffiliated to any club, church or social groups.
  • not be engaged in any post-secondary educational organization.
  • have access to land to set up small apiary (5) boxes.
  • be willing to allow verification of land space by a Committee member.

Matriculation Requirements

  1. Project participants must have completed 90% or 540 hours of training hours.
  2. Obtain a passing grade for each module listed above.
  3. Satisfactory assessment of assigned bee hive box  during and end of training

Successful graduate completing 540 hours or more to receive a certificate from the Catholic College of Mandeville in Apiculture and Entrepreneurship. Participants will be to be awarded five bee hives (boxes) to launch their apiary business.

Mentee Program

Participants will be assigned mentors from the Manchester Bee Farmers Association (MBFA)  throughout the training project. Mentors will provide guidance to participants on matters to relating to apiculture and their experience in the field of Agri-Entrepreneurship. After Project completion in September 2019, all participants will be contacted via phone on a monthly basis to assessments their progress after training.  Participants will be visited every three months starting December 2019, March 2020 and June 2020. These visits aim to assess performance and provide technical guidance when necessary and evaluated the progress their apiary business. This will be completed by MBFA,  Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) in conjunction with Apiculture Unit.

Application Deadline  March 15, 2019

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