The Bachelors Degree in Education offers specializations in Primary and Early Childhood Education.

The degree in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare educators equipped to teach infant children and those up to the grade 3 level in the primary schools. This degree is assigned a minimum of 132 credits with an additional 15 credits for the Teaching Practicum.

The degree in Primary Education is designed to help students prepare for Grades 1-6 primary teacher certification. The degree is assigned a minimum of 127 credits with an additional 15 credits for the Teaching Practicum.

The curriculum for both programmes is structured to include a combination of General Education, Professional Studies, Specialization, Electives and Adjunct courses.

The programme is offered on a part-time basis, Mondays to Fridays from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. each day. Normally, students engaged in part-time study should not exceed twenty-four (24) credits in any one academic year.
In the facilitation of learning, we:

  • build on students’ prior knowledge
  • provide extensive opportunities for interaction
  • help students to connect content to the real world and
  • use problem based and inquiry learning to enhance students’ critical thinking skills


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Admission Requirements
To be qualified for acceptance, student:

    • is required to have five (5) CXC subjects at Grades One, Two or Three (1, 2, 3) or five GCE subjects at Grades A, B, C including Mathematics and English Language.
    • must undergo an assessment in English Language and Mathematics.

Equivalency to or exemption from the above is determined by an interview, a written test and an assessment of transcript. Pre-requisite subjects may accompany a programme.


Have a Diploma from an accredited institution


Qualify for Mature Entry
Mature persons should normally be age 25 years or over with at least 5 years relevant work experience, along with 2 CXC’s and certification from other accredited institutions relevant to the programme being applied for.


[tab title=”Application Process”]
The applicant must:

      • complete an application form, submit two letters of recommendations (one character reference and the other academic).
      • be interviewed by a panel
      • Other areas of fulfillment are stated in the application form.


[tab title=”Accreditation”]
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Primary degree is accredited by the University Council of Jamaica, (UCJ). [/tab]

[tab title=”Tuition”]

Practicum cost $7,150 per credit.
All other courses cost $8,200 per credit. Most courses are 3 credit courses requiring $24,600:00 per course. However, students pay their fees based on the number of credits they carry per semester.