Transform your beliefs about teaching and learning!

Connect with fellow education professionals and experience the support of expert facilitators within a learning community–a group of people with shared values and interests who engage in critical thinking and collaborative inquiry together.

  • Engage in research and complete assignments that are directly applicable to the needs of your learners.
  • Collaborate with fellow educators by content area and grade level. Through sharing and reflection, gain new perspectives and insights on your day-to-day teaching experiences, issues, and inquiries.
  • Implement research, knowledge, and new learning directly into your classroom.
  • Learn from and with expert practitioner facilitators who provide you with resources and opportunities specific to your needs and interests.
  • Cultivate your unique strengths, talents, and skills through exploration of who you are as a learner and educator.
  • Become a leader: set the pace for innovation in teaching and learning in Jamaica
  • Develop skills and habits for your professional development that extend beyond course and program completion.

In just one weekend per month, you can earn your master’s degree!

This programme is ideal for working professionals who wish to pursue a master’s degree in a flexible format. Classes are offered one weekend per month and are experiential in nature, include both online and face-to-face experiences, and offer a blend of theory and practise. The structure enables busy professionals the flexibility of an intensive, yet manageable, course of study while working full time.

The programme is offered by Catholic College of Mandeville (CCM) in Jamaica. Courses are offered at the CCM Campus in Williamsfield Manchester, in a blended modality, where classes can be taken online or face-to-face.

For more information about the program, you can contact the Catholic College of Mandeville, using the phone numbers listed in the green box to the left.

To talk with a M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning programme representative contact:

Joan Belfon, M.Ed. Coordinator

(876) 548 – 6373

(876) 806 – 4466

876-502-5505 (mobile)