The certificate programme in Cybersecurity programme is perfect for professionals with a background in business management, information technology, computer science, or criminal justice.

While the Internet and the World Wide web have become integral to the operations and management of communities and societies and is today the world’s major means of communication, crime and violence and other violations against are also being facilitated by each new cyber development. There is therefore a growing demand for individuals with knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of security breach deterrence. This multidisciplinary curriculum is designed for busy adult learners and draws courses from Master of Science programmes in Information Technology Leadership, Computer Information Science, and economic crime forensics programs. The curriculum is intended to create a better understanding of

  • Information security policies and procedures
  • Computer crimes and related legislation
  • Investigative practices and procedures
  • Corporate ethics and compliance

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1. to give students a theoretically based, practice-oriented best practices framework for security infrastructure, enterprise networks, policies, plans and implementation;

2. to emphasize the practical application of knowledge gained

3. to ensure that the knowledge and experience gained are solidly rooted in ethical practice.

4. to ensure that faculty are current in their knowledge of cyber security topics.

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