Financial Policies

The Catholic College of Mandeville is a private institution and as such does not receive any public funding. Many provisions involving costs for instruction must be made in advance by the College authorities and these costs will not be lessened by student’s absence or withdrawal after registration. No deduction or refund is made for late entrance, for absence or withdrawal from a course after the specified time. (See policies below). The fee structure is reviewed annually and announced in advance of each semester/summer session. As a general policy there is no refund of tuition and other fees.

Thus, all students MUST honour their financial obligations to the College. If required, the College provides the service of a payment plan. The applicant will need to submit proof of their ability to meet the timely payments of the monthly installments of the payment plan.

As of January 2016 accessing a payment plan will attract a non-refundable administrative fee of $500 which must be paid at the point of application for the payment plan.

Withdrawal from courses

After a student has registered, paid fees, and submitted the official form for withdrawal from the programme or courses, monies will be accounted for as follows:
Up to and including the first week of classes there will be no refund for withdrawal, but 50% of fees will be credited on the student account for one year.
After the first week of classes or first 2 days of summer sessions, no credit will be awarded.

Late Registration

Late registration attracts a non-refundable fee of $5,000.

Services required by students

All tuition fees must be fully paid before students can request Status Reports, Transcripts, or Completion Letters. The only person authorised to waive this policy is the President.