Let us re-shape, re-define and re-imagine creative thinking to encourage our students to challenge the status quo in their studies, careers and personal lives. Is it true that much of what we o in education today is what we did decades ago? Have we just changed the names and added technology? If so, then the status quo will continue to ‘look like the status quo’. It is easy not to change, not to challenge. But let us inspire new thinking.

Re-imagine everything! Think not only about change in our institution, but changes in ourselves. Government and industry leaders do not have the answers. It is up to us to re-imagine the alternatives; it is not enough to protest against leadership and to expect them to do better. We have to re-imagine the education revolution!

Whats Happening in November!

  • November 10-12: Mandeville Catholic Diocese Art Fair-St. John Bosco
  • November 15: Start of Secret Santa (More details to come)
  • November 17*: Stakeholders Meeting: Marketing the College to Organizations and Businesses
  • November 17*: Academic Committee Meeting
  • November 18: Finance Committee Meeting
  • November 21-25: Exam Committee Meeting
  • November 23: Programme Committee Meeting
  • November 29: Transition Team Meeting


Last Week at a Glance

Microsoft Imagine Launch took place on November 4th. Four schools attended. Everyone was excited by what was presented about the Microsoft programme. Students participated in a demo session and asked lots of questions. There was a lot of interest in the Science lab and the upcoming Science classes. Hopefully we will get some recruits for the Science and Computer programmes from these groups.

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning programme had their Fall Conferenceon Saturday 6th November. Despite some technology hiccups that interfered with the live broad cast of the opening of the conference in Minnesota, the event at CCM went smoothly. The facilitators were quite happy at the standard and quality of the presentations by the Master’s students. Thanks to the team!

La Salle University of Philadelphia, USA , officially became a programme partner this week as agreements have been finalized and sent to CCM for signing. CCM partners with La Salle to offer graduate certificate programmes in Cybersecurity and Fraud & Forensic Accounting. Spread the word about the new programme offerings.


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