Quick Facts About M. Ed. Programme

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Teachers and Trainers
  • Administrators and Lecturers
  • The general public

General Goals

To provide discussion about the challenges that new times and new meanings contribute to educational practice, especially on the following issues

  • The construction of meaning,
  • The humanizing role of education in changing times
  • Education for life, for relationships & care
  • Youth participation in their own education to build a culture of peace

Five Established Thematic Axes

  • Art and Literacy
  • Differentiation
  • Technology
  • Self Discovery and Learner
  • Leaner Empowerment

Specific Goals

Promote the role in the university community in society, through the discussion of important contemporary challenges in teaching and learning

Facilitate the gathering of educational institutions and their respective academic communities, providing a space for conversation interaction, dialogue, exchange, and sharing ideas.

Provide a space for discussion and meeting between the various sectors that make up the educational system: teaching, counseling, research and administration, and facilitate dialogue between the various areas of knowledge present in them.

Provide a platform for discussion of social issues related to education, parenting and community building.