Transform your beliefs about teaching and learning!

Relevant, research-based courses & learning that extends beyond the classroom

  • Explore and apply research-based practices directly related to your teaching and your student’s learning
  • Engage in learning that is practical and purposeful
  • Apply best practices and theory in your classroom
  • Experience curriculum that reflects your need as a teacher and what research says about effective learning
  • Develop habits and skills for your professional development that extends beyond completing a course or degree

In just one weekend per month, you can earn your master’s degree!

The Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, USA,¬†in partnership with the Catholic College of Mandeville brings you a unique learning opportunity!

  • Designed for practicing classroom teachers who want to earn a master’s degree as part of a professional learning community
  • Emphasis on teacher inquiry, collaborative inquiry, action research, and teacher leadership.
  • Facilitated by a team of educational practitioners.

Instructors who care:
Develop professional relationships with instructors committed to life-long learning