Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offered the Master of Education in Teaching and Learning degree in Jamaica, in collaboration with the Catholic College of Mandeville, from August 2008-June 2022.  Any request for Saint Mary’s transcripts should be directed to Saint Mary’s at

Target Audience 

  • Teachers and Trainers  
  • Administrators and Lecturers  
  • Higher level education seekers  

General Goal

To provide opportunity for examination, investigation, research and development of strategies to address   the challenges that new times and new meanings contribute to educational practice embedded in the following underpinnings:  

  • The construction of meaning,  
  • The humanizing role of education in changing times  
  • Education for life, for relationships & care  
  • Youth participation in their own education to build a culture of peace.  
  • Building a culture of peace  



Specific Goals  

  • Promote the role of the education community in society through discussion and exploration of important contemporary challenges in teaching and learning.  
  • Facilitate the gathering of educational institutions and respective academic communities, providing space for conversation, iteration, dialogue, exchange, and sharing ideas.  
  • Provide space for discussion and meeting between the various sectors that make up the educational system-teaching, counselling, research and administration, and facilitate dialogue around the knowledge base for each.  
  • Provide a platform for discussion, workshop, research conferences and seminars exploring solutions and strategies address social issues, foster social change related to education, parenting and community building.  

Relevant, research-based courses & learning that extends beyond the classroom

  • Explore and apply research-based practices directly related to your teaching and your student’s learning.  
  • Engage in learning that is practical and purposeful.  
  • Apply best practices and theory in your classroom.  
  • Experience curriculum that reflects your need as a teacher and what research says about effective learning.  
  • Develop habits and skills for your professional development that extends beyond completing a course or degree.  

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning is a unique learning opportunity. In just one weekend per month, you can earn your master’s degree!  

  • Designed for practicing classroom teachers, professionals seeking to upgrade their knowledge and skills, and who want to earn a master’s degree as part of a professional learning community.  
  • Emphasis on education and social development inquiry, collaborative inquiry, action research, and leadership.  
  • Facilitated by a team of educational practitioners committed to life-long learning.  


The programme content, developed and gifted to the Catholic College of Mandeville by the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is known and accepted internationally and was previously accredited by the University Council of Jamaica under the partnership agreement until 2022. It has recently been transferred to the management of the Catholic College solely. As per the accreditation rules, new arrangements for programme offerings must complete a cycle before accreditation. The first cycle under this new management beginning September 2021 will be up for accreditation in 2023.