MOEYI Sixth Form Alternate Pathways Programme


The Catholic College of Mandeville is pleased to partner with The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) to  offer the Sixth Form Pathway Programme

The programme started in October 2020 with 103 students registered. Under this Programme, The Ministry will provide tuition support to all 2020 high school graduates to access to secondary levels of the education at Grades 12 and 13.  Now all existing Grade 11 students will be able to transition to a Grade 12 programme in the new school year 2020/2021.


The programme is being funded by the Government and as such, the tuition is completely free. We encourage 2020 high school graduates who do not qualify for the traditional Sixth form to apply.

Qualifications for Admission

Students with no CXC Subjects can be admitted into the general pathway and those with one subject or more can be admitted in the technical pathway.  

Pathways and Courses Offered

The Catholic College of Mandeville will offer programmes under the Technical and General Pathways

  • Sixth Form Pathway I (Traditional)
  • Sixth Form Pathway II (Technical)
  • Sixth Form Pathway III (General)

Under the Technical pathway, the courses offered are Digital Animation, Agro-Food Processing, Computer Servicing and Support, and Housekeeping. Under the General Pathway, students are enrolled to do IT for Office Application as their skill competency. Both pathways include Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Math and English for those who did not pass it in CXC..  


Download Application Form here: Sixth Form Application Form