Vision Statement

Fulfilling dreams and aspirations through education

Who we are

The Catholic College of Mandeville is a private Catholic institution of higher education. Through critical pedagogy and a holistic education, we aim to: transform lives; foster dispositions of social justice and integrity, and prepare students to influence our global society. We aim to offer rigorous and relevant programmes using 21st century teaching and learning techniques as we serve enthusiastic and dedicated students locally and internationally.

Mission Statement

The Catholic College of Mandeville believes in:

  • The glory of God that the human person is fully alive;
  • The dignity of the human being;
  • Giving students a fulfilling career and life opportunities through a holistic approach to education (spiritual, cultural, physical, social and political);
  • Providing an education that will broaden global perspectives, foster citizenship, and accentuate the need for life-long learning.

Catholic Identity

In keeping with the Mission Statement and respecting persons of all creeds, the CCM Administration recognizes the need for the college to develop from the perspective of a Catholic philosophy of education. A sub-committee of the Board named the Catholic Identity Sub-committee was established in 2011 to preserve and foster this quality within the everyday operation of the college. Creating a Chair of Theology, setting up a Chaplain’s Office and introducing Catholic Practice within the college at Assemblies. Recently a member of the Passionist Volunteers International (PVI) group has acted as Campus Minister to guide the weekly Assemblies with a Catholic format and flavour yet allowing for cultural and ecumenical expression.