Master of Arts in Special Education

About the Master of Arts: Special Education 

The Master of Education in Special Education at the Catholic College of Mandeville prepares you for teaching diverse students in the Jamaican education system. The programme does not prepare you for licensure in Special Education. It prepares you for the roles you may undertake as a special education teacher through the research, implementation and evaluation of effective models of teaching to optimize learning. 

The program is designed to equip educators and other professionals with core knowledge and specialized skills for addressing the needs of students with exceptionalities. The purpose of the MA in special education is to equip you to enable students to grow to their fullest potential by providing educational activities designed to fit their unique needsSpecial Education / Special Education 

This program is designed for working professionals, with 100% coursework that you can complete in as few as 20 months. While the course does not offer specializations, the focus will be on Autism and Dyslexia which are the two major areas impacting learning in the Jamaican among students with exceptionalities in the Jamaican education system 

The M.Ed.SE provides opportunity for you to develop specialized knowledge and experience applying tools, technology and techniques to adapt course content and activities in order to meet the diverse needs of exceptional students. 

*Semester Course Credits Delivery 
Semester Special Education Core Courses 
Sem 1 MASE 600: Orientation Campus 
 MASE 617: Foundations of Special Education Campus 
 MASE 618: Literacy Development & Interventions Campus 
Sem 2 MASE 627: Assessment & Evaluation of Learners with Exceptionalities Campus 
 MASE 628: Social Emotional Learning and Well-Being Campus 
Sem 3 MASE 637: The IEP Process Campus 
(Summer) MASE 638: Transition & Collaboration Campus 
 MASE 639A Advanced Instruction & Methods: LD 40 hr-1week Intensive 
 MASE 639B: Characteristics: ASD “ 
Sem 4 MASE 647: Introduction to Behavioural Theories Campus 
 MASE 648 Strategies & Assessment: ASD  Campus 
Sem 5 MASE 657: Research Methods Campus 
 MASE 658: Action Research Campus